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Anthony Mosley

Meriden CT , United States

Executive Chef at Farrell Treatment Centers


14 years experience in Culinary Arts operations cooking is one of my passions of life I believe in the value -led management style I know that the total value of an organization is the sum of the values it promotes, teaches and practices this begins and ends with management. Human value, moral ethics, quality, and customer value, are my focus for any event I serve. Preparing a wide variety of appetizers, soups, entrees, sauces, and desserts utilizing cooking techniques working with ingredients from countries around the world including; France, Italy, Japan, China and Spain. I can professionally reproduce any recipe needed in large batches or individual portions I love what I do. Experienced in Culinary Art trends, such as, menu development, event planning/catering, inventory purchasing budgeting, management ,Training


Meriden CT , United States