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Anass Sentissi

Indianapolis, USA

Executive Chef at Saffron Cafe


~Holistic Recipes for Optimum Health & Jubilant Wellness~ Anass Sentissi is an Author, Music theorists, researcher, certified health consultant, and chef with specialized knowledge in nutritional science, healing cuisine, and an encoder of Four Element Theory. His approach to health and wellness merges traditional dietary wisdom with ancient and modern nutritional science. Anass believes that food is medicine and that achieving profound health, sheer vitality, and jubilant wellness is the result of mindful eating. It is his mission to assist the world in nurturing their minds and bodies by practicing the art of this philosophy and of achieving individual wholesomeness. Anass interprets traditions and fads from a physiological perspective. He argued the concepts into his highly-successful nutritional philosophy. His Regime program emphasizes some nutrient-dense animal foods, but mostly wide variety of fruit, vegetables, and healthy dietary fats. Anass focuses on continual detoxification and beneficial nourishment. His cuisine is Mediterranean inspired, and deliciously prepared. Often quoting Hipocrates, "Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food", Anass believes 'you are what you eat'. His recipes are packed full of vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants as well as super anti-inflammatory saffron and garlic. Anass's menus boast a plethora of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options as well as all hormone-free and halal (or Kosher) meats. The best part of eating healthy at Saffron Cafe or Poccadio is that everything tastes amazing... Chef Sentissi somehow finds a way to incorporate all his knowledge, understanding, and love for each of his passions into everything he does and graciously shares himself and his magnificent food with everyone he encounters. That is why eating something prepared by (or with) Anass is an epicurean adventure sure to delight your senses and it is a given that "when you try it...you will love it!"


Indianapolis, USA