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Alyse M. Jenkins

Paia, United States


Aloha, My name is Alyse and I am a professional Chef and Pastry Chef living on Maui. I am from Seattle where I attended culinary and pastry school. Growing up in the Northwest I had access to almost every kind of fruit and vegetables and now on Maui all the tropical ones too. My training includes Japanese, Thai, Korean, East Indian, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine as well as classical French. I have dabbled in gluten free baking for the last 7 years and have done a lot of allergy conscious cooking from dairy free to corn free. I have worked in the natural food industry for 15 years and have a working knowledge of those products and brands. I make kombucha at home and fermentation is a hobby for me. I have also specialized in vegan/vegetarian cooking and baking as a private chef.


Paia, United States