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albert lukas

Washington DC, United States

Supervising Chef at Restaurant Associates


Chef Albert Lukas’s career has spanned the globe but his passion lies in creating the simply-prepared contemporary French fare using seasonal and local ingredients. I began my career at Le Cirque, training under Chef Daniel Boulud while attending the Culinary Institute of America. After graduating with honors and first in my class from the CIA, I continued my passion for food working at Le Cirque, helping it receive Four Stars in the New York Times. Then moving with Chef Boulud to open Daniel, another acclaimed Four Star restaurant. Having experienced the best of French cuisine in New York City, I was eager to expand my culinary career in France and worked at Chef Jean-Paul Lacombe’s Michelin Two Star restaurant, Leon de Lyon. Currently I am the regional supervising Chef for Restaurant Associates in the Mid-Atlantic market. In addition to my passion for classic cuisine I enjoy global flavors, American regional (especially BBQ) and the development of new concepts and catered events


Washington DC, United States