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Alan Dodson

Bristol, TN, United States

Executive Chef at A Chef 4 You


Chef Alan was born into an appreciation of unique foods and ingredients shared by his military family. As he travelled around the USA and lived in many states he was exposed to a wide variety of regional and ethnic fare. As the child and grandchild of traditional Southern cooks he learned about fresh garden delights and comfort foods. After learning the how & why of delicious food preparation he began his own exploration of gourmet food through varied dining experiences and travel. Through a combination of self taught experiences and professional instruction Chef Alan developed his skills. His enjoyment of creating full favored dishes & new recipes ultimately led him to teaching cooking classes at the S.W. Virginia Higher Education Center and to create A Chef 4 You Personal Chef Service. Now he shares his passion for unique flavors and a comfortable dining experience with individuals, families and businesses. Whether you want to take an evening off from your hectic pace and have dinner prepared for you in your home, or you are hosting a special event or intimate dinner party, Chef Alan can create a dining experience just for you and/or your guests.


Bristol, TN, United States