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JoAnna Minneci

Nashville, TN, United States

Chef at ChefJoAnna.com


Chef JoAnna is a classically-trained chef who specializes in at-home fine dining. Like the renown Julia Child, JoAnna first attended culinary school in her early 30's, and started cooking professionally soon after. While attending culinary school in Santa Monica, CA, she earned a 4.0 GPA as well as certifications in Nutrition, Cost Control, Culinary Management and Safety & Sanitation. Chef JoAnna has appeared on several television programs. She was featured in a segment on "BBQ with Bobby Flay" on Food TV, and has also appeared as a guest chef on several reality TV shows, including Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List", MTV's "Next" and on "Survival of the Richest". Originally from Chicago, Chef JoAnna moved from Los Angeles to Nashville in 2008 to have a huge garden, and possibly... eventually... a small farm-to-table restaurant. While I was attending culinary school in Los Angeles, I worked for one of the largest catering companies. They did events with hundreds of attendees, like corporate events, movie premieres, and televised awards ceremonies. Once, I overheard an office manager's conversation, where she declined a potential client because the event was too small, saying she didn't know anyone who'd just do a catered dinner for only 12. Bells went off in my head, and I decided to pursue In-Home Fine Dining as my own niche. It's been wildly successful in Los Angeles and there's been a great demand for this kind of service here in Nashville, too. * * * * * * * http://facebook.com/ChefJoAnna1 * * * http://twitter.com/ChefJoAnna * * * http://pinterest.com/ChefJoAnnaInc * * * http://instagram.com/ChefJoAnnaInc * * * http://LinkedIn.com/ChefJoAnna * * * http://plus.google.com/+ChefJoAnna


Nashville, TN, United States